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Zolbert - Live CD (Autographed)

"While this record represents the end of an important era in my life, it also marks the beginning of a new chapter.  

The magical experience of playing music live to a great audience at a breathtakingly beautiful and historically important site, is a feeling that is unlike any other and it was the catalyst that turned the idea of performing songs from my first two albums with a 10 piece band, into reality.  I would like to thank everyone who was involved in this special project, you all helped make a dream come true for me." - says Zolbert


The recording took place in the autumn of 2017, in the acoustically rich ceremonial hall of the Abbey of Pannonhalma.

All of the wind instrument orchestrations were composed and arranged by Zolbert and Marcell Tóth.  


Album credits:


Zolbert - soprano, alto, tenor sax

Marcell Tóth - piano, rhodes, hammond, synths

János Horváth - piano, synths

Tibor Riskó - guitar

Gergő Kovács - bass guitar

Zsolt Nagy - drums

Miklós Markos (Mikee) - percussion

Gergő Bille - trumpet, flugelhorn

Krisztián Csapó - trombone

Tamás Stencli - tenor sax


Produced by Zolbert

Recorded live at Pannonhalma Archabbey, Hungary - September 27, 2017

Recorded by Tamás Almási

Norbert Rajkányi - FOH Sound Engineer

Mixed & mastered by Péter Ferencz (Peet)



Eastern Deluxe Productions

Zolbert - Live CD (Autographed)

SKU: EDCD010-02
  • AUTOGRAPHED CD WITH A PERSONAL MESSAGE, EXCLUSIVELY FOR YOU! (please note your name and a message you wish in the order process)


    New live concert album from Award-winning saxophonist Zolbert, Hungary’s smooth jazz ambassador. His latest release showcases 17 tracks containing his most popular and successful songs from the previous 2 studio albums that were re-arranged exclusively.

  • 1. Touching (live)

    2. Mr. Serious (live)

    3. One (live)

    4. Friendship (live)

    5. Don’t look back (live)

    6. Come with me (live)

    7. Trust (live)

    8. The time has come (live)

    9. Just a moment (live)

    10. Everybody wants to rule the world (cover, live)

    11. Shine (live)

    12. Step by Step (live)

    13. Say Something (live)

    14. Frappé (live)

    15. Be Cool (live)

    16. Smile (live)

    17. The Moment (live)

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