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Zolbert - One CD

“The first step towards creating anything is inspiration” says Zolbert, speaking about his debut album, produced and mixed by Peet Project leader Péter Ferencz (Peet).


Aptly titled One and recorded exclusively with live instruments, the album features eleven original compositions and serves up a refreshing mix of great melodies and tasteful grooves. “I wanted to build on the traditions of smooth jazz, but we also strove to stretch the boundaries and throw in elements of all the musical styles that I love, including 70s and 80s music” he says.

The album enjoyed impressive airplay on US smooth jazz radio. One of its singles, Frappé was voted the 10thbest track of 2015 in the TOP 25 list of the legendary Jazztrax station.


Album credits:

Zolbert - soprano, alto, tenor & baritone sax, flute, percussion

Péter Ferencz (Peet) - add. keyboards, synth bass (2, 7, 10), guitar (2, 3, 10), vocals (6), e. drums (2, 7), effects & loops

Marcell Tóth - piano, rhodes, hammond, clavinet, synths

Tibor Riskó - guitar

Dávid Szedlár - bass guitar (1, 4, 6, 9)

Tomi Heilig - bass guitar (5, 8, 11)

Gergő Kovács - bass guitar (3)

Áron Nyírő - drums (3, 4, 6, 8-10)

Zsolt Nagy - drums (1, 5, 11)

Miklós Markos (Mikee) - percussion (1, 3-5, 7, 8, 10, 11)

Zolbert - One CD

SKU: EDCD002-01
  • Playing a seductive, youthful blend of contemporary jazz and funk, saxophonist Zolbert is one of the most promising young talents on the Hungarian music scene. With the release of his debut album, One, he is presenting brand new original material that will thrill contemporary jazz fans the world over.

  • 1. Smile

    2. Frappé

    3. The Time Has Come

    4. Just a Moment

    5. One

    6. Shine

    7. Above The Clouds

    8. On My Way

    9. Friendship

    10. Everyday

    11. A Song For You

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